Saransot-Dupréthe best Listrac since 1735

The Raymond family, Winemakers in Listrac since 1756

In 1756 Guillaume Raymond, barrel-maker in Listrac, bought his first vineyards and, in doing so, unknowingly initiated a long line of winemakers which continues to this day.

In 1875 Ovide Raymond, his great grandson, made a breakthrough and bought two of the finest vineyard estates in Listrac. However, he only had a few years of relief before phylloxera invaded the vineyard and destroyed the vines. Mildew then followed in 1882 ravaging the Médoc and wiped out the harvest. The Raymond family was broke and the Ovide’s widow was forced to sell the vineyards of ‘Dupré’ with a heavy heart through the courts.

Luckily her father was able to purchase the vineyards of ‘Saransot Dupré which he gave back to his daughter. It is his great grandson, Yves Raymond, a graduate oenologist, who runs the property today.


Ovide Raymond
acquired Saransot in 1875
Marie & Darius Raymond
Marie & Darius Raymond
at Saransot from 1900 to 1950
Babeth & Philippe Raymond
Marie & Darius's children
Philippe Raymond
Philippe Raymond
Philippe & Yves Raymond
his son who manages Saransot since 1985
Maylis, Yves & Nathaniel Raymond
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Important Dates of Saransot Dupré

Château Saransot Dupré was made Cru Bourgeois Supérieur in 1932, renewed in 2003. In 2017 it was awarded the Trophy for the Best Cru Bourgeois, the first property in Listrac to ever receive this honour.

In addition to these important dates, the estate has been awarded many different accolades over the years.

The ‘Grand Enclos’ of Saransot planted with vines since 1735

In 1735 Jean Baptiste Hosten, owner of Saransot, bought additional land called ‘le Grand Enclos’ to extend his vineyard with a complementary terroir.

This union lasted until 1844 when Jean Louis Hosten sold his part of the inheritance, that is the winery buildings, the family home of the estate and ‘le grand enclos’ of Saransot to the Dupré family. They had,  just the year before, bought an estate in Listrac reuniting the wines of Saransot.

The vineyards of the Dupré family were enlarged in 1868 when Adolphe Dupré separated the two entities ; Saransot Dupré was made up of the ‘le grand enclos’ and the buildings of Hosten.