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The Classic Blended wine

It owes its qualities to four grape varieties: Merlot, Petit Verdot, Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon. Each is essential, playing a role in bringing its own characteristics to the blend. The goal is to make a final wine that is greater than the sum of its parts. Merlot provides the foundation: flavours of chocolate, cherry, plum and a rounded, soft body. The Petit Verdot brings its power which the Merlot can sometimes lack and aromas of red fruits. The Cabernet Franc elevates it all, with its freshness and elegance. A touch of Cabernet Sauvignon can give some structure particularly in ripe vintages. The estate also grows a little of the rare Carmenère, to help preserve a grape variety which is a part of the history of Bordeaux.

Classé Crû Bourgeois supérieur


Crus Bourgeois
Château Saransot-Dupré rouge - Listrac-Médoc

The Goal : to produce a superb Médoc wine

In order to achieve this, the vineyard’s production levels are well below the maximum permitted. The selection of vats to go into the Saransot wine is based purely on qualitative criteria.
The style of wine changes according to each vintage, reflecting its climatic characteristics. In 2009 for example, all vats were selected, whereas only 55% of the volume was used in 2018.
With only 30% of new barrels, the aromas and flavours of the different grape varieties are dominant in the wine and are not overpowered by the oak.

How to enjoy the fine red wine of Saransot ?

It is best to decant one or two hours before serving the wine. If you do not have a decanter then ‘double decant’ it, as they do in Bordeaux. This consists of carefully pouring the wine into a container, for example another bottle, and then pouring it back in its original bottle. It will have the same effect. The younger the wine, the more it requires decanting. If you open the wine at home and plan to drink it over two or three days, it is best not to decant it as it will keep for longer.

Wine of Saransot-Dupré – Ageing Capacity

The life of a wine depends on the quantity of tannins in the grapes, which is influenced by water stress. The more the vine has to fight to cope with drought, the more tannins it will produce. The level of tannins depends on the climate and varies each year.
It also depends on the temperature of the cellar it is aged in. In a normal cellar at 14/15°C, Saransot can easily be stored for around 20 years and the great vintages can last more than 50 years. The warmer the cellar, especially in the summer, the faster the aging.

Food Suggestions to accompany Red Saransot-Dupré

Although Saransot-Dupré can be drunk as an aperitif, it more frequently accompanies a meal.
It goes very well with different types of meats including game, grilled, and cold meats. It can also accompany cows’ and sheep’s
cheese. However, it is best to avoid goats’ and blue cheese.
Saransot also goes well with a range of vegan dishes.

Press Cuttings of Saransot-Dupré

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